Frederick Barthelme started making visual art in 1965 and exhibited work in Houston at the Louisiana Gallery, the Katheryn Swenson Gallery, Kiko Gallery, the University of Houston, Rice University, and the Jewish Community Center, and regionally at the the Oklahoma Art Center and other sites. In 1967 he moved to NY and there participated in the first ever conceptual art exhibition at the amusingly named Museum of Normal Art. From 1967-1970 he exhibited variously at Oberlin College, the Seattle Art Museum, UBC Gallery Vancouver, CAYC Buenos Aires, the New York Cultural Center, the Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles County Exhibitions, the Texas Gallery, and in a variety of national and international printed exhibitions as was the fashion for concept art in that period. In the 1970s he began publishing fiction, and from that point forward gave up the art business completely. Recently he has begun making small pictures such as those presented here. They are made from photographs, in digital drawing and painting apps, and by other means, and are presented as unique or editioned Giclee prints with archival inks on fine art papers.